Map Sharer beta released 1

First beta version of the new free map API

More or less in time for FOSS4G 2014 in Portland the first beta version of „Map Sharer“ has been released by the meggsimum team. Map Sharer is planned to be a free map API to share web maps with open data based on the brand new OpenLayers 3.

Defined by a link it is possible to share slippy maps showing your area of interest with one of the offered layers (e. g. OSM, MapQuest or free WMS). Optionally you also can hint to a POI by a marker icon for example to show a meeting point or your favorite bar. An valid API-link looks like this

and creates the following (embedded in a frame):

Of course you do not have to create the API-links by yourself. Here you can interactively design your map you want to share or embed in your webpage.

Feedback is warmly welcome especially because Map Sharer is still beta.

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